About Me
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I was born in 1990 in south of Italy. I attended the Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design at the International Fashion Institute Polimoda in Florence.

I designed and sewed all my collections using high quality fabrics. All my creations are made ​​in Italy.

Since I was a child my main interest was for Art and Design but my real passion is for Fashion’s World.
I’m an hard-worker person, because I love this work and the process behind every creation, so I try to convey my ideas and myself in my work.
I decided to start a career in fashion design and I understood the importance of research, deepened my knowledge and technical skills for the design and the construction .

An added bonus was working in a multicultural and very stimulating place as Polimoda.

I’m a lover of the craft and manual techniques, the ability to create with your hands is essential to my creative process .

The manual is primarily the main instrument of knowledge that is based on my practice as a designer .

I’ve always been fascinated by the use and combination of different materials , such as to allow the metamorphosis in the creation of a chief .

I love to work especially with the leather , it’s shocking what you can learn by working with it.
Leather lasts long and succeeded. Very primitive material, but it still has many possibilities of the finishing and styling. We pursue the future of leather.

I emphasize on the moldable nature, flexibility, folds and the delicate sewing of leather as a fabric and material.
My projects are the result of the juxtaposition of minimal forms with details of power that are often inspired by architecture , art, film and photography.

An aesthetic of beauty born from the use of pleats , volumes , prints and plots that I developed by me.

“Fai della bellezza il tuo costante ideale.”

 Roberto Capucci

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