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For this collection i used as icon the photographer Janieta Eyre and i was inspired her visual of the world: a play of illusions and contrasts. Sublimating the ghost of a Siamese twin lost at birth, and the desire to be seen in multiple dimensions , the photographer shows images with a completely redesigned body , a continuous exchange of identity , a human game between copy and original that opens onto the irreverent and ironic ” imaginary twin ” of the artist. Reality loses its footing in these disturbing scenes in which the photographer is doubled in what she calls “impossible memories.” Through these images, Eyre reveals how clothing modulates our behaviours and the perceptions that others have of us. Her photographs, curated by the highly technical point of view, full of a visionary symbolist and surrealist typical of the culture, with the added glamor of fashion photography, create a short circuit of images and meanings of great visual and emotional impact that i feel in tune with my vision of fashion. So i based this work about the duality between femininity and masculinity, strength and fragility, playing with contrasting fabrics such as leather, silk and neoprene. Every garment is a doppelganger of itself.

PH: Alessia Rita Palermiti
MODEL: Olga De Mar



fashion, FW, leather
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